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Pandaria wasn't like other regions in World Of Warcraft's Azeroth

BLOG_POSTED_BY wang yue     August 5, 2022    
Pandaria wasn't like other regions in World Of Warcraft's Azeroth. A long time ago, when the Old Gods were defeated by the Titans The most powerful of these eldritch beings was Y'Shaarj from Seven-Heads WOTLK Gold. His corruption was so deep into the planet that when the Titans took him away from WoW's Azeroth planet Azeroth, it created a gaping wound from which Azeroth's essence, which was arcane magical power, bled. The wound was later renamed The Well of Eternity, and after the Sundering, it would be called the Maelstrom. Y'Shaarj was destroyed, but its seven heads thrown into Pandaria, manifesting as mysterious creatures of darkness referred to as Sha. The Sha symbolized the negative aspects of our minds that they fed: despair, anger, doubt and fear to name several.

In the aftermath of the war, chaos was brought to Pandaria and the Alliance and Horde soon discovered that their collective emotions were a source of Sha and produced monsters that ravaged the land. The pandaren knew the Sha and had the knowledge to battle them, however it would be up to the outsiders to correct the damage they caused. Prince Anduin Wrynn from WoW's Alliance faction remained in the pandaren after having been discovered by his allies determined to study everything the information he could on Pandaria and rectify the errors of his own people. Warchief Garrosh on the contrary, saw the Sha as weapons and he immediately looked for a way use Y'Shaarj's remnants to destroy his foes.

Many pandaren were aware of the Horde and the Alliance and felt drawn by their ideals. Many chose to join the Alliance, called the Tuishi since they valued the virtues of patience, compassion, and discipline. People who preferred to be part of the Horde took on their name Huojin and sought out aspects like determination, ambition and adventure. This means that players in Mists of Pandaria could play as pandaren. They also could select the faction they'd like to fight according to their individual preferences.

Before the Sundering of the pandaren, they were not free citizens. They were enslaved by the ancient mogu, a race of brutal warlords who were awed by the power and strength of their warriors buy WOTLK Classic Gold. The mogu were originally Titan creations, but they were transformed into mortals as a result of Yogg-Saron's Curse of Flesh (another Old God in the mythology in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King). Uncertain of what their future purpose lay, Lei Shen beseeched the Titan Keeper Ra for help. In the event that Ra, the Keeper of Storms and Storms, displayed weakness in place of power, Lei Shen defeated the old Titan Keeper, taking his power over the storm and sky and becoming the Thunder King. With god-like powers, Lei Shen united the mogu clans to form the Mogu Empire.