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NBA 2K Gave Away A 24K Gold PS5 With A Value of More Than $10K

BLOG_POSTED_BY wang yue     August 1, 2022    
The NBA 2K franchise grew its popularity by once centering its content on creating the best basketball experience for basketball fans. Sadly, 2K Sports has inundated each title on the line with ever more advertisements 2k23 mt. As much as advertisements affect an overall gaming experience they are considered optional. Players looking for the next adventure in sports can come back to 2k's regular season and enjoy NBA 2k23.

In a promotional tweet for its upcoming video game NBA 2K23, the NBA 2K Twitter account offered a 24K gold PlayStation 5 that is valued at more than $10000. In a promo tweet for its latest game it was revealed that its NBA 2K Twitter account gave the prize of a 24K gold PS5 that is valued at over $10K.

The tweet went out on the same day that the latest installment in this franchise for basketball, NBA 2K23, was released. NBA 2K was originally developed by Sega Sports in 1999 with annually scheduled installments up to 2004. Following the sale of the company and the formation of 2K Sports, annual releases were continued under the new publisher. The 23nd installment of this popular basketball video game features Luka Don?i? of the Dallas Mavericks on its cover.

The PS5 is the latest version of PlayStation is in high demand since its debut last year. Though the PS5 came out in November 2020 The console is difficult to obtain due to an interruption in the production of parts and scalpers who sell the console at higher costs.

One of the best examples of this is the sixteen-year-old girl who earned $1.7 million from PlayStation 5s and Pokemon cards. A sweepstakes to win a PS5 is noteworthy, however NBA 2K has raised the bar by offering a gold edition of the elusive console.

To win the prize of a golden PS5 contestants only needed access their Twitter accounts, and then reply to NBA 2k's tweet by using the hashtags #2KDay and #Sweepstakes buy 2k23 mt. The time for the sweepstakes, however, was brief. Contestants could only enter between 8 AM PST and 12:30 PM PST to participate.