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5 Wordle-like games to add to your daily playlist

BLOG_POSTED_BY Theodore Hooper     July 19, 2022    
Do you want more games like Wordle? If one Wordle a day isn't enough for you, here are ten more that you're sure to like.

Looking for more Wordle-like games? The free daily word puzzle is quite popular, and many of us have made it a part of our daily routine. The only drawback of Wordle is that you can only play it once each day, which may lead you to look for other games with a similar atmosphere.


Forget about words and letters: Nerdle is a game for number fans. Every day, you attempt to predict a new computation using numbers and processes. Wordle's rules still apply: Any number or operation that occurs in the proper position is green; magenta indicates that it exists in the problem but in the incorrect place; and black indicates that it does not appear at all. It's also not simply about completing arithmetic, like with Wordle, but about utilizing hints. For example, the = in the 7th space indicates that an answer is simply a single number, which helps in narrowing down the solution. I'm terrible at arithmetic, but cracking a computation in Nerdle is still a lot of fun.


Wordle allows you six attempts to guess a single word, but Quordle allows you nine attempts to guess four words. Because each guess appears in all four riddles, concentrating on a single word means you're still burning through your guesses in the other puzzles. It's really difficult, but if you like Wordle, this provides you a larger and more difficult dosage of the same everyday fun.


In Worldle(opens in new tab), you are shown the form of a nation and must determine which one it is. Each guesses you make shows you how near your guess is to the answer in kilometers and which direction the solution is from the nation you guessed from, which should help you narrow down your next guess. It's an excellent refresher lesson on nation shapes, names, and locations for those of us who haven't gone to geography class in a few decades, plus it has a nice autocomplete option, so you don't have to know how to spell Liechtenstein properly to guess it.


This one's for you, music fans. Heardle(opens in new tab) provides you with six guesses to identify a song, with your first guess based on a one-second sound sample of the beginning. That's all! If you get it incorrectly, you receive a couple of extra seconds. It's quite rewarding to correctly identify a song in one guess, but it's also entertaining when it takes a long to figure out what song it is. If you believe you recognize the singer but can't quite recall the song, an auto-fill function might help you narrow it down.

Waffle Game

Waffle Game provides you with a grid that already has all of the letters, however, most of them are in the incorrect spot. You have six distinct words to solve: three across and three down. And instead of entering letters, you drag and drop them. Green letters are already in the right places, whereas yellow letters are part of the word but in the wrong place (though at an intersection, yellow might signify it's in the right row or column). It's like piecing together a miniature crossword puzzle from a pool of letters. And there are several degrees of winning: You have a total of 15 swaps, but each Waffle may be solved in under ten seconds. So, before dragging a letter someplace else, make sure it's an ideal move and that the letter you're exchanging for will likewise end up in the correct location.