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Best Wordle substitutes and clones

BLOG_POSTED_BY Theodore Hooper     July 19, 2022    
The top Wordle replacements and clones provide entertainment while you wait for the original to be reset.

One of the best features of the world's most popular new word game, Wordle, is that you can only play once each day, which keeps the experience fresh. (However, you may now play the Wordle archives.) But that's also one of Wordle's drawbacks: you have to wait a whole day for your next dose.

One option is to play another word game as the Wordle timer ticks down, but where do you begin? After all, there are around 70 gazillion Wordle clones and equivalents available right now.


Quordle is a Wordle variant for people who find the original too easy. It requires you to guess four words at once, with only three more opportunities to succeed. As with Wordle, yellow squares indicate the correct letter in the incorrect location, while green squares show the correct letter in the proper location. You do, however, earn three additional opportunities every round. Quordle, like Wordle, is free to play and only offers one game each day, but it also features a practice mode. But don't worry if you find it too difficult - we can assist you in locating today's Quordle answers.


What do you think? Octordle is similar to Wordle but eight times as difficult (or like Quordle but twice as hard). You have 13 chances to discover the eight words in this game, which provides for some intriguing tactical considerations. Do you attempt to finish them one by one from the beginning? Or should you utilize as many letters as possible? Or try guessing terms that will provide information about more than one answer? That is all up to you.


What is the logical conclusion to all of this? Kilordle is a Wordle game that allows you to play 1,000 games at once. Yes, indeed. Except you don't play them all at the same time as you do in Quordle or Octordle – that would be silly. Instead, you estimate your five-letter word, and Kilordle turns any letter in the correct position in any of the words green. You don't have to guess the exact word; just turn all five letters green at some time.


If you thought Wordle was difficult, wait till you try Redactle Unlimited - it may take you up to 100 guesses to answer it! It's less of a Wordle clone and more of an altogether unrelated game with a similar sounding name and once-a-day limitation, but it's included here because it's so excellent.

Your task is to discover a random Wikipedia page by predicting terms that may appear on it. If you uncover enough, you should be able to figure out what the topic is and finish the puzzle before you go insane trying. It's really difficult, weirdly addicting, and highly worth checking out.


If you like going to the movies to eat out, and think the Oscars are the best night of the year, Framed could be the Wordle clone for you.

This new game challenges you to predict a movie based on six stills; each false guess discloses a new one and gradually unveils the game. There is just one game available each day (of course), and it is completely free to play on the Framed website.