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What is the COUNT function in excel?

BLOG_POSTED_BY pipa haha     Jun 30    

First, what is the count function in excel? The word counter function in excel is one of the most basic counting functions in excel counting functions. Besides the count function, there are also Countif functions, and the Countifs function is also a counting function in excel.

COUNT function formula in excel:

The Count function in excel has the following syntax:

=COUNT(Value1, [Value2],….).

In there:

Value 1 is a required parameter in the formula. This is the first value to reference or the selection to count cell values.

Value 2 is an optional parameter, only possible to count up to 255 parameters, cell references or additional selections for which you want to count cell values.

Notes when using the count function in excel:

The COUNT function in excel will accept the parameters to be counted as numbers, dates or written as text of numbers.

Logical and numeric values ​​as text entered directly into the list of parameters in the COUNT function will be counted normally.

Parameters can contain or refer to different data types, but the COUNT function only counts numbers.

In exceptional cases such as logical values, text, or values ​​that cannot be numeric, COUNTA must be used to count.

If you want to count a number with different conditions given, you need to use the COUNTIFS function to count.