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inflatable floating water park

BLOG_POSTED_BY Brandenburg Brandenburg     Jun 23    
In the past two years, mobile water park market has gradually inflatable floating water park been transferred, gradually rise in the country! Not only for the people to a cool place of leisure and entertainment, also became a village to drive the villagers from poverty rush, good project!
Mobile water park, why have so big of ability?
"Cicada noise more than static Lin, birdsong more deep and remote mountains." This is the life in the bustling city to yearn for the beautiful sence of modern people. Nowadays, rural tourism to throw out the "olive branch" to the people, in policy, such as organic, resorts, picking garden, ecology garden began to rise! Rural tourism, competition is fierce! So where is the transformation and upgrading of rural tourism are export? How out of a suitable for the development of the rural road, continue to be "fire"?
And the combination of mobile water park and rural tourism can be said Inflatable indoor park to be building a major highlight of rural tourism, is a suitable for rural tourism has been the development of the "fire" on the road!
Sorching summer, paddle, hydrophilic, adults and children all like things, Inflatable outdoor park the emergence of mobile water park let everybody can enjoy at home playing with water, enjoy the cool and refreshing. Sorching summer comes as the children's summer, in contrast, outdoor playground, also no fun, and the emergence of mobile water park is just offered during the summer children a play water entertainment place!
Mobile water paradise to have a variety of highly mobile swimming pool, all sorts of modelling of the inflatable water slides, tong qu rich aquatic floats, full of competitive color water rushed off, etc., let each people come here to play go and enriched!
In the country set up a water park, the village inflatable amusement park of spare labor force also can get very good solve! The villagers can go to the fields in the morning, don't delay again after finished work at the scene of the water park, is kill two birds with one stone, much a paycheck at the same time!