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316 stainless steel plate

BLOG_POSTED_BY Darrell Darrell     Jun 23    
Stainless steel pipe welding note the growth of the steel tube technology produces
Beginning in the bicycle manufacturing summon up. Oil in the early 316 stainless steel plate years of the 19th century opened, two world in the midnight oil ships, the economic times, the manufacture of aircraft, the second world after the thermal power of the eve of the steam kettle manufacturing, chemical industry and the growth of oil drilling and transportation of natural gas, are strongly propel steel overseers industrial growth in variety, yield and quality.
1. The vertical characteristics of the power supply, dc when the positive and sexual (wire and negative).
2. Generally suitable for the welding of thin steel tube under 6 mm with beauty of weld forming indecent, the characteristics of the welding deformation is small.
3. Asylum for argon gas purity is ninety-nine point nine nine percent. When the welding current is 50 ~ 50 a, the argon gas flow is 8 ~ 0 l/min, when the current is 50 ~ 250 a, argon gas flow is 2 ~ 5 l/min.
4. The length of the tungsten and from gas nozzle bulge,, it is better x52 line pipe to 4 ~ 5 mm, the fillet weld of masking bad place is 2 ~ 3 mm, the slot deep place is 5 ~ 6 mm, nozzle distance to work normally not 5 mm across.
5. To prevent welding porosity of rendering, welding parts if any rust, oil, etc. Be sure to clean up clean.
6. Welding arc length, welding steel, popular in 2 ~ 4 mm is better, and when the welding stainless steel, it is beautiful ~ 3 mm, owe too long the asylum result is good.
7. Docking render, to prevent the bottom bead back by oxidation, back also need to implement gas protection.
8. To make the argon gas protection welding molten pool very 316ti stainless steel well, and facilitate the welding operation, tungsten and middle line and welding workpiece link shall generally be 80 ~ 85 ° Angle, filler wire and workpiece profile Angle should be as small as possible at the mercy of 0 °.
9. Wind and ventilation. Windy, please adopt backstop, while indoors should adopt appropriate ventilation method.
Is the steel sheet or strip steel billet used, because of its different welding process is divided into furnace welded pipe, welded (erw) tube and automatic arc welding tube. Because of its welding form of different can be divided into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe. Because of its shape is divided into circular welded pipe and alien (square, flat, etc) welded pipe. Welded pipe because of its material and use different and divided into the following several varieties:
GB/T3091-1993 (low pressure fluid conveying with galvanized welded steel pipe). Mainly used for conveying water, gas and heating hot water or steam, air, oil and other general low pressure fluid tube and other purposes. It represents material level Q235A steel.