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316l stainless steel pipe

BLOG_POSTED_BY Darrell Darrell     Jun 23    
In tone are mainly of stainless steel plate market, off-season a333 grade 6 pipe in the form of a basic assurance, stock up again, it's just in touch with high yield and demand at the same time, to the public through the heavy fog, it makes the steel trade business of the current hong kong-listed have a basic judgment, but as to how to operate, the author advised or steel trading business for the cautious, because after all, no one can guarantee the current market is "bottom" or "top", therefore can only say that you should be a waiting game. From the point of historical data, 7.8 months due to high temperature, and humidity larger parts, car production and sales of the off-season, the downstream demand on the basis of the total amount is not worse. Steel social stock compared with the same period last year, is still high, prices are still present the state of the landslide.
Steel mills significantly depreciate sales promotion again. The baosteel. Angang. Wuhan iron and steel enterprise continuous slashed 7.8 month after ex-factory price, shagang group construction steel mills such as last week. River steel. Sunshine also slashed plate screw, etc. The factory of wire rod and rebar prices, some resources decline up to 200 yuan/tons. But even so, the factory price and the market price is still in x60 line pipe the down state, traders on the senders amplitude is still disappointed, order enthusiasm is not high. Steel factory price cut in a row, is plant itself in high inventory. Sales difficulties and financial strain of pressure in many aspects, but it was also a move, seriously impact the already weak market confidence. Stainless steel pipe due to its many advantages, so it has become a very popular currently on the market a kind of material.
1. According to the groove of the soil, groundwater. Slot section. Factors such as the design load condition, the request is firm and reliable, to prevent landslides. Supports shall not interfere with the pipe and stability.
2. T interface pipe in a vertical or horizontal bend should set piers. Should 316l stainless steel pipe be according to the pipe diameter. Corner. Work stress factors such as the calculate and determine the size of piers.
3. Pipes installed. After testing qualified, it is best to use low chlorine ionized water flushing and 0.03% potassium permanganate disinfection.
4. The external anticorrosive coating of stainless steel should be based on the pipe to soil conditions to choose galvanized coating and epoxy asphalt coating or higher requirements.
5. As long as it is stainless steel socket connection line, must x70 line pipe be set by computing piers.
Transport when drinking water, 6. Should not be through the poison pollution area, if need through the protective measures should be taken.