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321 stainless steel sheet

BLOG_POSTED_BY Darrell Darrell     Jun 23    
Stainless steel plate product profiles using the wall thickness uns s32750 sheet of the national standard is to ensure product safety and function of the situation, in today's society, in accordance with energy conservation and environmental protection subject requirements set, so not to say that the stainless steel plate profile wall is thicker, the quality of the stainless steel plate, the better. Due to the too thickness of applied profiles of stainless steel plate, and cannot ensure the air tightness, water tightness of stainless steel plate products is better, stainless steel plate quality will be higher.
1, stainless steel plate products using the material planning rationality;
2, stainless steel plate product water tightness, air tightness;
3, stainless steel plate products accessories, glass and hardware accessories are;
If it USES a stainless steel plate product planning unreasonable x56 line pipe profiles, water tightness and air tightness is not reach requirement, even if it USES the aluminum wall thickness N times beyond the national standard, it won't be a good stainless steel product. Also, on the other hand, excessive aluminum profile for wall thickness for the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection that is a waste of resources. Also, used thick stainless steel plate profile will also push up the price of stainless steel plate, bring unnecessary economic burden to the other customers, so we in the selection of stainless steel plate, be sure to fit the consumptive idea of energy conservation and environmental protection.
The stainless steel heating to the hot red can bend.
Due to the poor thermal conductivity than normal low carbon steel, 321 stainless steel sheet low elongation, lead to the deformation force; Compared with the 321 stainless steel sheet metal bending with carbon steel strong zhidao springback tendency; Stainless steel plate relative to the carbon steel because of the low elongation, and bending fold the corner R than carbon steel workpiece, otherwise may appear crack.
Because the stainless steel plate hardness, cold work hardening effect significantly so when choosing bending tool to choose heat treatment hardness should reach more than 60 HRC tool steel, the surface roughness is higher than carbon steel bending tool within an order of magnitude.
Due to tempering poor stability, carbon steel during tempering treatment, in order to guarantee high strength to use low temperature tempering, so the toughness of the steel is low; In order to guarantee good toughness, high intensity and low when the tempering temperature, so the comprehensive mechanical properties of the carbon steel level is not high.