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Agate Slabs Countertops

BLOG_POSTED_BY Johnson Johnson     Jun 23    
Specification plate thickness of 20 mm marble, marble specification Calacatta Quartz Slab plate production process can be divided into the first cutting and grinding thickness after cutting two kinds. After the first is a first cut grinding, little size of the specifications of the product is mainly used for processing, its production process is as follows: cutting the wool board - cut - coarse grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding - polishing - repair - - packaging warehousing.
1 sawing wool board from sawing off the marble block plank called MAO board. Sawing wool board equipment used in the diamond frame sawing machine and cutting machine or cutting machine. For large size block USES the diamond frame sawing, is used for small size in the diamond cutter and cutting machine.
2 use bridge cutting machine for wool board for segmentation processing.
3 coarse grinding coarse grinding purpose is mainly Agate Slabs Countertops to solve pingdu and thickness of plate, most of the grinding allowance to remove the coarse grinding stage, coarse grinding choose 1 millstone should undertake choosing according to plate the surface roughness of MAO. If the surface roughness large or thickness deviation is big, can choose diamond grinding wheel for leveling. When MAO plate surface roughness is small, small thickness deviation is using general grinding head directly to grinding. Coarse grinding operation procedures for a commonly before driving, application of flat foot inspection panel of the surface of the pingdu b sure good as fine flour processing c first grinding surface, surface smooth, then based on the bottom to find continuous e thickness d grinding feed water to avoid hitting the millstone and half to the side of the machining and inspection g f coarse grinding plate should be according to the serial number flat, piece inspection, quality qualification before into next working procedure. Four fine grinding fine grinding mainly USES the no. 2, 3, 4 stone, grinding according to order. Before each use a stone must wear off procedure, leaving scratches.
Can often be removed by fine grinding, coarse grinding plate Agate Stone Price surface coarse and deep lines and new grinding grain and shallow. 5 fine grinding fine grinding stone with 5 and 6, fine grinding in polishing glossiness reach more than 60 degrees can be moved to the next step. 6 polishing indicators. Polishing can be in roll polishing is to make the stone natural decorative pattern, color, luster Z limit display, after the procedure of Z Z better effect, especially gloss must be equal or greater than the standards stipulated by the arm machine, semi-automatic grinding polishing machine, gantry milling machine, such as using resin grinding must choose the proper resin. 7 after repairing, inspection, packaging, warehousing and polishing for marble plank, repair, inspection qualified after packaging warehousing.
The second standard plate processing technology is first cut Agate Slabs For Sale after grinding, production process is as follows: sawing plate - MAO coarse grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding - polishing - cut - repair - inspection - packaging warehousing. The second process can effectively make use of the plate.