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    • Last updated June 23, 2022
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outdoor digital signage displays

BLOG_POSTED_BY Long Long     June 23, 2022    
Increased participation and brand loyalty
A common misconception about digital signage is, they only used smart whiteboard price to inform, cannot provide the opportunity to interact with consumers. This has to do with the truth, because the interactive digital signage display can promote consumer participation and improve brand loyalty.
Create content through the custom, can be in touch screens to provide exclusive discounts and special for them. The content more attractive, more easily in high formed between consumers and brand loyalty.
This means that, as the application of commercial market demand has temperature scanning kiosks increased, the traditional business model is not able to promote the sustainable development industry, LED display industry if you want to steady growth, will go fine line, detailed application of the LED display manufacturers for indoor applications and commercial marketing to input to the digital signage is the new attempt of this change.
Small spacing led display led advertising machine is led into outdoor digital signage displays another pattern in the field of digital signage technology development as well as the improving of the degree of market awareness, making digital sign outdoor applications has become a trend, the size of the market is expanding fast.
Relevant agency predicted that by 2015, outdoor digital advertising turnover is expected to reach $3.4 billion.
Huge space to grow up to become the motive force of the manufacturer's efforts on.
Compared with the indoor environment, outdoor environment smart interactive whiteboard more complex, thus for digital signage display terminal put forward higher requirements, which, in the sunlight clearly visible is the first premise, which at this level, the LED display has a natural advantage - itself luminous intensity is strong and support automatic brightness adjustment, direct sunlight within visual range when the screen surface display content is clear.
Led display is applied in small spacing awning in addition to the traditional digital signage display terminal applications, led advertising machine is led display into another pattern in the field of digital signage.
With the advantages of inherent LED display, LED advertising machine in both on the coverage on the display performance is due to the traditional LCD advertising machine, more in line with the application requirement of outdoor advertising machine.