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    • Last updated June 23, 2022
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artificial banyan trees

BLOG_POSTED_BY Simmons Simmons     June 23, 2022    
Now after the greening landscape and scenic spot development artificial banyan trees demand, large simulation tree favor by people as a green garden scenic spot ornaments, it not only can create the atmosphere of nature, but also simulation in plants has a representative product. Small make up today and everybody to explain such large-scale simulation tree how to production and application, we understand first what is the first large artificial tree, which represents a simulation simulation palms, and so on tall palm trees, fake trees usually known as large simulation tree.
Simulation tree in the process of making such fake ficus tree a big factor to consider is more, we should not only consider its completed after the appearance of contains fixed installation environment, installation area, material and so on factors, but also to the production process technology and durability, on the premise of the two most important we will consider to ensure it is strong and safety when installation, so we are making to test and experiment. Normally, we produced in large-scale simulation tree, two steps to consider separately.
The first step on the material selection, we usually faux ficus tree see a fake tree is the use of cement, glass fiber reinforced plastic or steel tube into the trunk, and simulation of large trees to use these materials must be unrealistic, if use the material cost increases the natural first raised prices, late and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of tree trunks. So SAN jie simulation plants factory in the production of large simulation tree is the use of high strength galvanized steel to make a tree, so that we can save the cost price nature price is much lower, and the quality is assured, the most important thing is that we all know that galvanized steel is usually build towers of steel is very hard and corrosion resistant effect.
Second step modelling, the material we choose large ficus tree accord with how to make it after the shape of a spanning tree? First we have to take these galvanized steel welded together the trunk, and then according to the customer need the tree branch to split, gradually build a tree shape, galvanized steel to the surface through professional processing paste simulation tree bark and describes the manufacture into a real tree trunks are far process faults, this is also a lot of person simulation tree for the origin of arts and crafts. Is made after the trunk is on the leaves, the leaves of how to determine the shape of the tree, so we usually carried out in accordance with the actual trees ratio zoom in to adjust, so can not only guarantee the building tree does not lose nature atmosphere.