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    • Last updated June 23, 2022
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outdoor ficus tree

BLOG_POSTED_BY Simmons Simmons     June 23, 2022    
Now simulation banyan tree as a landscape decoration products, outdoor ficus tree but one thing everyone still don't know, how to use it to change to feng shui, now many people are paying attention to feng shui. Banyan tree and simulation can also change according to the principle of gossip five line based on the phenomenon of feng shui. Below these for you to follow the principle, in accordance with the principles will be able to make feng shui of the environment. The first point in leafy simulation banyan tree, we should put in sunny place, so that we can very good guarantee adequate let indoor sunshine, but also protect the wet air simulation banyan tree for blade appears light color, it would also reduce the number of houses within Yin qi, sun be the spirit more embody less natural increased the fortunes of the house.
No second near the fire, first of all, we know the simulation banyan is the wood branches and so on materials should be far away from the fire source, from the aspects of the five elements, is the element of fire, plants for the wood, fire, wood so will not be able to bring him place where excessive fire properties, such as kitchen, fire, etc., is a can prevent fire caused, second, avoid feng shui is not flourishing situation.
The third point is asked here can not put where can not put, what fake ficus tree place is suitable for the simulation banyan tree? Put in the sitting room is the best, the easiest way to affect a place is in the living room first, and choose what kind of simulation in the banyan tree is put in the sitting room, it is best to choose leafy is put in the sitting room, can not only good foil a green of the atmosphere in the living room, as well as the significance of the path to prosperity, flourishing people in life are usually used as a metaphor of family prosperity and flourishing of like, so should put simulation banyan tree leaf density inside the sitting room should be high to make the feng shui of the sitting room more flourishing, side also means more than just like many blessings.
So everyone is put on the simulation of the banyan tree when must pay silk ficus tree attention to these points, according to these points put it make your space more beautiful and prosperous
Simulation of the bionic landscape plants from the faux ficus tree sun, air, water, season and natural condition restriction, can need according to the scene as choosing plant species, regardless of the northwest desert or desolate gobi can create a green world of the spring-like seasons; Without watering, fertilizing, don't worry about plants wilt Withers, save a lot of expenses for future management; With the development of building materials technology, design thoughts and ideas get unprecedented liberation, more and more tall appear in our life, interior space simulation plant landscape has excellent effect on the landscape of palmae plant introduction of indoor, just cater to the needs of the such spatial landscape, build a common plants landscape effect cannot be achieved.