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    • Last updated June 23, 2022
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PET blowing machine

BLOG_POSTED_BY Mixon Mixon     June 23, 2022    
Now society for small automatic filling machine, the quality PET blowing machine is the root of the development and protection, has experienced a very long time and huge investment and small automatic filling machine therefore saves the manpower, improved the production efficiency, also is the important in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries of machinery and equipment, although is a small automatic filling machine but also very good solve the problem of some complicated packaging, make packaging is simple, better meet the production requirements. If dripping problems in the production of small and medium-sized automatic filling machine, we need to find the problem and the solution of the instant, the other small automatic filling is shut off after dripping problem, we can be found from the following ways to solve.
The small automatic filling is shut off after dripping problem, the solution here:
1. Close small drips after automatic filling machine, how bottle blowing machine will appear, check to see if the pouring material for filling head mouth orifice damaged, reveal a mouth filling material finishing orifice, the diameter of the orifice not 7.5 mm. Fixed aperture openings on the water sand paper after grinding smooth
2. Another possibility is filling in the first ball valve damage, need to replace the ball valve, can solve the leak problem
3. The cause of small automatic filling machine oil spill occurs within it is also possible that the liquid filling machine within the Angle seat valve o-rings are corrosion or wear. This needs us to repair the o-rings
4. 100, 500 ml of small automatic filling machine type, such as the piston bottom liquid outlet liquid leakage, random seals should be replaced disassemble the cylinder. But this place need to pay attention to the sealing ring with phi 65 x 3.1 acid and alkali resistant seal
Small automatic filling body is one of the packaging industry, liquid bottle filling machine not only has its own advantages, the growth of the automation technology, intelligent technology and integration technology, etc to see small automatic filling machine for enterprises save a lot of the cost of production, but also save a lot of labor process, filling in the above has certain innovation, let the more portable and provide the goods safe to eat, so many years of small automatic filling machine to adapt to a variety of commodity packaging production, into our production in the life, can cope with many complicated market situation lead to higher efficiency and profits for the enterprise, make products more wonderful because the packing of the rich.