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    • Last updated June 23, 2022
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PET bottle Mold

BLOG_POSTED_BY Mixon Mixon     June 23, 2022    
Semi-automatic filling machine now has experienced ups PET bottle Mold and downs but still standing in the market, and even changed the traditional way of packaging, used in production can be produced according to the product with more features. Because of this, semi-automatic filling machine is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, beverage, parts etc. After users to buy the equipment, however, is the need to reasonable to use the semi-automatic filling machine already so ensures the normal operation of the equipment, and ensure the service life of the equipment. So, can reduce pollution of goods for the semi-automatic filling machine use what method is, how should we safe use semi-automatic filling machine?
Semi-automatic filling machine usage: before unpick and wash the machine must be cut off power supply and air supply, the power of the semi-automatic filling machine adopts ac voltage is 220 v, 1 a, air source for 4 to 6 kg, we in the semi-automatic filling machine unpick and wash, not water flushing the fuselage directly, so as not to damage the equipment inside the electrical control components, to prevent the personal safety, this machine has a good grounding, please configure a grounded power supply for the native, maintenance and repair the machine circuit, be sure to completely disconnect the power supply and air supply. Cylinder in factory has good lubrication, please do not disassemble the cylinder or any lubricating oil, semi-automatic filling machine machine as a stainless steel shell, please do not use when cleaning hard, sharp sharp scrape the surface.
Now more and more widely, the development of the packaging plastic bottle making machine industry semi-automatic filler can in appearance, style design, consumer demand change, achieve multi-usage, save the enterprise investment on production equipment, for semi-automatic filling machine, fully standing in customer's view, solved many targeted mechanical requirements for the customer. Although is a semi-automatic filling machine also can be in the absence of human labor in interference, carried out in accordance with the normal process of automatic operation and manipulation of the machine or equipment for production process, also can prevent moisture into the air and cause of oxidation.
Automatic filling machine no matter from cost savings contribution PET blow moulding machine on small, higher work efficiency, reduced the product cost, have better performance, to achieve a fully automated, it greatly reduces the labor costs, and automatic small filling machine in some detail aspects to recognize my own shortcomings and advantages, raise, in the industry to bring opportunities at the same time also brought the cost effectiveness of more direct and opportunity.