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    • Last updated June 23, 2022
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sonicator homogenizer

BLOG_POSTED_BY Billy Billy     June 23, 2022    
Ultrasonic welding machine in use process will often appear some mistakes, today's version will carry on the summary, in order to let everyone know that, in the future in terms of process matters needing attention.
1. In the use of ultrasonic plastic welding machine, usually sonicator homogenizer choose some soft or hard plastic parts. But, in fact, the packing can absorb ultrasonic, lead to poor welding effect, thus reduce the effect of welding of the products. In general, the more soft packing, the greater the adverse impacts on the welding.
2. Work together with different plastic parts is not correct, this will lead to welding is difficult, even can't welding. When choosing a product, should pay attention to choose reduction and melting temperature of similar material.
3. Used mold release the plastic parts are not suitable for ultrasonic plastic welding, because the principle of ultrasonic welding is friction heat production, release agent will hinder the friction heat production.
4. Choosing a work environment, ultrasonic welding machine ultrasonic molten metal is not suitable for work in damp environment, because attached to the plastic parts on the surface of the water affects the welding of plastic parts, and some plastic is very sensitive to water. In addition, the oil pollution.
Ultrasonic plastic welder summary of common problems:
1. The design of the welding surface are easy to be ultrasonic spray nozzle ignored. When welding requirements for sealing surface or high strength combined with surface, the design requirements of the welding surface is very high. If the weld is not appropriate, there will be a sol outflow, welding surface deviation or fracture phenomenon such as rubber parts.
2. The use of thermoplastic dosage of packing should be paid attention to the control. Packing, if you use too many plastic parts may encounter difficulties when welding. In general, when packing more than 30%, is not suitable for welding.
3. Injection molding, should pay attention to not more than a ultrasonic welding transducer molding artifacts or more sets of mould, because the volume of workpiece will cause the welding effect is not stable, such as the welding strength is not consistent, workpieces such as flower trace.
4. If in the process of welding, welding die under the fixed or improper welding mold and die, or other work contact, usually due to dislocation or mould and welding connection screw fracture caused by.