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ultrasonic emulsifying machine

BLOG_POSTED_BY Billy Billy     Jun 23    
Ultrasonic sound chemical technology as a kind of physical means ultrasonic emulsifying machine and tools, can be in the chemical reaction to produce a series of conditions close to the evil slightly. Many ultrasonic energy can stimulate or promote chemical reaction, accelerate the speed of chemical reaction, but also change the direction of some chemical reaction, and produce some good results. This is ultrasonic sound chemistry can be applied to almost all the chemical reactions, such as the extraction and separation, synthesis and degradation, biodiesel production, microbial control, toxic organic pollutants degradation and biodegradation treatment, cell grinding, dispersion and solidified, ultrasonic sound chemical processing equipment and a prominent points, it has no moving parts, no electromagnetic radiation, fixed installation is very simple, especially suitable for high pressure, the application of high temperature, toxic, explosive dangerous environment. Ultrasonic sound chemical processing equipment of another application field is wastewater treatment and antiscaling descaling. Many experts and scholars have done a lot of research and experiments, proved that ultrasonic antiscaling and descaling of pipeline and equipment is effective.
At present, ultrasonic sound chemistry research involving chemistry, material science, environmental protection and other fields, including in organic synthesis and processing, the application of biodegradation of toxic organic pollutants. Ultrasonic wave has the direction of propagation of strong, medium vibration intensity is high, the liquid cavitation, etc. Ultrasound can promote to chemical reactions under routine Ultrasonic emulsifier machines conditions, or improve the reaction rate and degree of existing. These phenomena, however, is not a sound waves directly impact on the results of the reactants. It is generally believed that the above phenomenon is mainly caused by the mechanical effect of ultrasonic and cavitation effect, is the result of the reaction conditions and environmental changes. Mechanical action - introducing ultrasonic chemical reaction systems, ultrasound can make a powerful movements of the substances produced ChanXiangLi, transfer and diffusion of nutrients, instead of mechanical agitation, make material stripped from the surface, so as to update the interface.
Cavitation - in some cases, the generation of ultrasonic effect ultrasonic extraction cbd related to the mechanism of cavitation. Acoustic cavitation is refers to under the effect of sound waves, the liquid in a series of small bubbles (hole) : the dynamic process of oscillation, expansion, contraction, and even breaking. These two effects is a major cause of ultrasonic acceleration and activation of chemical reactions. High-power ultrasonic focusing probe type chemical processing equipment, not to change the customer's existing production equipment and technological process. Through the simple installation, you can use ultrasound to speak of the original equipment upgrade. Ultrasonic power is big, small investment and easy installation, low power consumption, wide adaptability, simple installation, equipment without any modification, output and efficiency are obtained. In the very great degree.