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    • Last updated June 23, 2022
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ultrasonic sonochemistry machine

BLOG_POSTED_BY Billy Billy     June 23, 2022    
Ultrasonic power generator simple debugging steps:
Ready before the adjustment of the generator (frequency table, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine clip-on ammeter, phillips screwdriver, a small screwdriver, adjust the insulation pad of paper) with a multimeter to check whether the load is short circuit, is negative if the. And ultrasound are negative impact (board) properly connected to the generator output is negative. The cathode and cabinet, multimeter and alarm test.
1, open the generator enclosure, check the generator internal for plugin loose or damage caused by the logistics transportation, confirm no abnormalities, loosen the inductance of the two nuts, with 220 V grounded power supply. (note: there is a few yellow transformer insulation gasket for inductance).
2. Open the generator in the front of the switch, the screen shows "f28.0" or "f40.0" value, said the frequency of the generator. (at this point should be to determine whether the ultrasonic frequency in accordance with the frequency of the generator.)
The red line with ammeter in generator switch, observing the actual current. The following will happen:
1. When the electric current for the practical work of ultrasonic dispersion machine current value is displayed, but stop debugging, inductance nut locking machine.
2. If the current value is far less than the actual work, according to current is directly above the core with the hand carry to adjust inductance, and watch the ammeter in the process of lifting scroll. When the current meter display work current value, remember the height of the inductance increases, then the padding with insulation paper. After shutdown, locking inductance nut. (gasket to ensure that the increase or decrease in stopped state)
3. If the display current is greater than the practical work of current value, the method, by contrast, show high inductance, gasket, the corresponding reduction is can reach the practical work of current value.
4. If according to the current ultrasonic dispersing machine value of slightly less than the current value (greater than) work, not to adjust inductance. With a small flat head screw driver fine-tune screen left little blue potentiometer. In the process of control knob, observed on the ammeter displays. When current meter display work current value, stop.
Attachment: display frequency: the shutdown time according to the "power +" boot;
Timing function: in the working status, press "start/stop" button, then press "time +", meet customer requirements of the regular time, press "start" button to enter regular working condition.