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    • Last updated June 23, 2022
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ultrasonic cutting machine

BLOG_POSTED_BY Billy Billy     June 23, 2022    
Ultrasonic hand-held machine use of the high frequency vibration ultrasonic cutting machine wave conduction of tens of thousands of times per second to stay two weld metal surface, and then a certain amount of pressure to make the metal surface rubbing against each other, forming, the fusion between the molecular layer so as to achieve the purpose of the welding. Its advantage is fast, energy conservation, high fusion strength, good conductivity, no spark, close to the cold; Defect is to be welded metal parts can't be too thick (generally less than or equal to 5 mm), welding position can't be too big, need to stress.
Automotive wiring harness ultrasonic welding tool head is mainly composed of welding head, the anvil block connection block, anvil block block and aggregation module four parts. , when welding wire should be vertical, closely arranged, and connected to the anvil block connection piece. Foot switch, aggregation module to the anvil block move, anvil connection block and the anvil block move down together, in an emergency to press the auto harness into welding area, produces vibration welding joint, energy is passed on to the copper wire, automotive wiring harness can be welded together. In the process of welding, in addition to the vibration of the welded joint, the other tool head is unable to understand. After completion of welding, the aggregation module returns, anvil block is returned, anvil connection block rises to take out the harness.
Due to the vibration of the welded joint and other segment, ultrasonic generator driver in order to prevent the welding formed between each segment and the welding joint, the destruction, on the surface of the welding joint and polymerization between the ground of the module, anvil side 0.025 mm clearance shall be maintained. The side of the top block connected to the anvil block block, make the welding joint can't contact with other segment. The gap between must not have copper scraps of sundry, or in the process of welding, cutting head face will be ablation, serious damage to the circuit board. Due to the ultrasonic vibration is produced by welding joint, the energy from the welding joint is passed to the anvil block, so the closer of welded joint, the energy, the greater the energy transfer from top to bottom, so bold lines should be placed on the bottom, near the surface of the welding head, thin lines should be vertical arrangement, make bold lines can obtain larger energy, prevent the welding head or welding. Can prevent side welding vertical arrangement, ensure the welding quality.
Automotive wiring harness ultrasonic welding process, ultrasonic metal welding the need to set up, pressure, welding in cross-sectional area, the distance, amplitude, width, pressure, energy and other related parameters, the welding process, the wire should be vertical overlap. Large section line should be near the bottom of the welding tool head, make welding fully; Wire should be near the surface of the anvil, close to each other, make welding strong enough; Lead lap length in general as 13 to 15 mm. Short lap joint length is not easy to guarantee the welding strength, long easy formation of weld end. It is difficult to next procedure. Welding joint surface are not allowed to oxidation layer, broken wire, insulation defects, and melting. The transition of welding and welding part A should be circular arc form, not A conductor termination in A welding can be seen in area B.