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    • Last updated June 23, 2022
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ultrasonic sonochemistry machine

BLOG_POSTED_BY Billy Billy     June 23, 2022    
With the development of science and technology, ultrasonic hand-held machine gradually into everyone's eyes. Ultrasonic hand-held machine with its own advantages, in the welding market proportion is more and more big. Since the application of ultrasonic hand-held machine is extensive, so that will inevitably arise which require maintenance in a work, so what we should pay attention to in maintenance. Today small make up take you to learn some several principle of ultrasonic hand-held machine repair, and maintenance of hope that we will in accordance with the original.
1, taken before start work
For defective ultrasonic welding machine in hand, not to ultrasonic sonochemistry machine emergency begin to repair, should be asked to produce failure after and before and after the failure phenomenon. For not very familiar with the ultrasonic welding machine in hand, also should be familiar with the circuit principle and structure characteristics of abide by relevant rules! Removal should be thoroughly familiar with all electrical components before the function, location, connection mode and its relationship with other devices around, in the absence of the assembly diagram, should disassemble, sketching, and marked, to facilitate follow-up work, avoid to make mistakes.
2, after external internal first
Before maintenance, should first check the maintenance of holding ultrasonic welding machine with and without obvious maintenance history, when the ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic mold temperature, use fixed number of year, and so on, and then to check inside the machine. Before dismantling should eliminate the failure factors of surrounding for ultrasonic hand-held machine can remove after internal fault. Otherwise remove blindly, may to the repair the bad equipment.
3, after the first mechanical electric
First of all, you must first rule out the ultrasonic mold ultrasonic cutting machine problems, check for electrical components. Check circuit failure, should use the testing instrument to find the fault part, after confirmation no poor contact fault, more targeted check circuit and mechanical operation, to avoid mistakes.
To date, most commonly used polymer injection molding by ultrasonic welding, but the difficulty of the ultrasonic plastic welder welding plastic is associated with many characteristics of welding itself. Plastic, the greater the friction coefficient ultrasonic dispersion machine of thermal conductivity, the melting layer forms the interface, the better the performance of ultrasonic welding, the more hard plastic. In flat welding, the vibration transmission loss is small, the ultrasonic welding. Crystallizable because from solid to melt the plastic state, temperature range is very narrow, very fast, so welding machine may performance is poor, is very difficult to adjust.