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How to Work Out Persistence with a Sex Doll

BLOG_POSTED_BY Ella Joy     Jun 5    

To be more confident in front of women, many men will deliberately find ways to make themselves more durable. So whether the durability is natural or can be exercised, if your durability is not enough, then I suggest you try the following methods.

When taking a bath every day, rinse the glans with water. After getting used to rinsing the glans with warm water, change to cold water and hot water to rinse the glans alternately, so that the sensitivity of the glans becomes lower.

With the help of external exercise. Use a sex toy like the Sex Doll 2 times a week. When choosing to buy a Real Life Sex Doll, choose a style that is loose, soft, and low in the intimate area. When using, put more lubricant, and drop about 10 drops in it. Put some under yourself,

While having sex with Real Love Doll, it's best not to watch porn the entire time. Slowly pumping and inserting slowly, if you feel that it is very exciting to enter the Sex Doll body, take it out, and slowly enter it, the speed is very slow, it is suitable for a little bit, once there is a sense of stimulation, stop immediately, When the irritation wears off, go in slowly. Get distracted and don't focus on your physical stimuli.

Keep doing this every week, be sure to relax, and use it in a relaxed and happy way. Pay attention to control. Every time you have sex with Sex Doll, you will improve a little bit more than the last time, indicating that you are very close to success.

When your sensitivity is reduced, there is usually a noticeable effect in about 3 months. Sex Dolls can be used as a training tool for men or as a temporary sexual partner for men. When deciding to buy Cheap Sex Dolls, be sure to choose a regular manufacturer such as LovedollShops. Professional production staff will be reassuring in terms of hygiene and qualifications.