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How to Wear the Right Clothes for a Sex Doll

BLOG_POSTED_BY Ella Joy     May 21    

Wigs Having a variety of attractive wigs can help you appreciate the different sides of the Real Life Sex Doll. Whether you want short hair, a lively look, or a long-haired princess, the right wig can do it impeccably. Also, save a few bucks by purchasing multiple sets of wigs when buying dolls. Alternatively, you can buy them online to refresh your doll once in a while.

TPE sex doll clothing To add to his/her charm, consider buying quirky clothing, fetish clothing, cosplay and sex doll underwear. This will help change her look and, most importantly, put you in the right mood.

It's fairly easy to shop with life-size dolls because you can always get real women's clothing. Just get to know your doll's shape and body build and you'll have no problem picking the perfect outfit.

For Minifigures, pay attention to the size to make sure you don't end up with a bunch of clothes you don't need. We recommend choosing different outfits and fantasy outfits so you can switch whenever you want. Trust me! Be excited.

Avoid putting her corset and lingerie bra on her body. Unlike human skin, the material can deform if tied with very tight clothing. So make sure you take off your clothes as soon as you're done with this type of clothing. Buy clothes that are slightly smaller so that they fit the doll perfectly.

The tight sex doll outfit is sexy and exposes all the features that make you like her in the first place. Buy different outfits and fantasy outfits and replace them. Trust me! Changing into a Real Love Doll costume will help you keep your excitement for her. If you're not sure about his/her size, you can always buy a few cheap clothes to get an idea of ​​what's ideal. Once the size is determined, you can buy the size you like. This way, you don't spend too much money in the trial and error phase.

Jewelry and Perfume Although not mandatory, you can give the doll a nice bracelet to complement her alluring look. However, make sure to only use products that won't scratch or damage the doll. Also, please remove the jewelry when finished. Never carry jewelry with you. When using the perfume, please do not spray the perfume directly on the skin of the Sex Doll, as the perfume contains alcohol, which may damage the materials of the Love Doll.