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Elden Ring classes ranking: List of class levels

BLOG_POSTED_BY Edgardo Savcedo     May 17    

Although Elden Ring does not have the wrong class for the game, some are better prepared for travel than others. We break each class into Elden Ring based on their initial scatter of characteristics and survival.

All Elden Ring classes are ranked



A tramp is a simple class that has a lot of health and military valor. Equipped with a shield, a long sword and halberd, they have great versatility in the initial areas and can withstand several strokes as players study the mechanics.


The hero is very similar to a tramp, except that he is more like a traditional barbarian. They are simple, brutal and ideal for those who want to get into the thick of events.


Warriors use lighter weapons than a hero and a tramp. They can enter and go out with the quick attacks of their curved swords, daggers and jatagans. Unlike two of the above -mentioned heroes, they are more skillful in the use of magic.



Samurai is another class intensively in close combat. However, they focus more on dexterity, and not on strength. They are universal in both far and in close combat thanks to their long onions and katan.

Elden Ring ALL CLASSES RANKED! - Which Class Is Right For You?


Astrologers are concentrated primarily on the characteristics of intelligence and secret magic. They are universal spells that can equally easily cope with single goals and group situations. However, you need to get used to their "rocking".


Confessors are a unique class in their style of game. They concentrate more on protection and use debuffs to weaken the enemies. This allows them to come closer and kill the enemy with their broadsword. In addition, they can use healing spells to support themselves in battle.



The bandits begin from the fifth level and are closest to the archetype of scammers who can offer Elden Ring. Their main characteristics are dexterity and secret magic. Deadly dangerous in both near and distant battle thanks to their daggers and bows, bandits cause skillful and accurate blows.


The prophets begin from the seventh level, and only one characteristic works in their favor: Vera. Nevertheless, this still means a difficult beginning for the class, since faith is not entirely viable in the early stages of the game.


Starting from the ninth level, the prisoner surpasses dexterity and intelligence. The prisoner will take some time to get used to, since his skill is divided between combat and magical disciplines. However, in the course of the game, this versatility will make them a threat at several levels in both PVE and PVP.



There are only two types of players who start with a villain: those who have problems with self -esteem, and those who want to challenge. The villain starts from the first level, but has an equal scatter of 10 points in each characteristic, which gives a huge level of control for setting up assemblies.

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