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    • Last updated May 13, 2022
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Essay writing

BLOG_POSTED_BY Kate Wilson     May 13, 2022    
Here they discover aspects of their personality which they never knew existed. Most students learn to be independent and assertive during college. And while assertiveness is an admirable trait, you should also learn when and where to practice it. For example, if you’re not comfortable with some of your organization’s rules, you can talk to the officers in charge and ask them to explain the rationale for these specific rules. Going out of your comfort zone and finding yourself in an entirely new environment is never easy. Surviving first year is probably the toughest part of being in college but once you get through, it’s smooth sailing. For this purpose, several tips and tricks books are made available to the clueless greenhorn which can easily be found in bookstores. While there is no fool-proof, clear-cut approach to surviving freshman year, there are tons of simple tips for making it through freshman year. Below are examples of often overlooked yet highly effective tips on surviving the rough first year. Socialize If you’re the introverted type, you have to force yourself out of your self-made shell and go out of your way to strike up conversations with classmates and dorm mates. If you feel intimidated and shy, here’s what you should keep in mind: all the other freshmen feel just as shy and awkward being in a new environment as you do. Don’t worry about them snubbing you, they might even be thankful that you made the first move to talk to them because they’re too shy to do the same. Ask for assistance There will be times when you would just want to pack your bags and head back home. The stress of school work and maintaining personal relationships with friends and schoolmates can sometimes reach great heights to the extent that you would feel emotionally and mentally exhausted. Excellence in studies should not be achieved at the expense of your mental, physical, and emotional state. Take breaks when you feel the need to, and don’t hesitate to visit the student counselling office if you feel you need help to write my capstone project for me. Budget wisely Living on your own requires extensive budgeting since you’d never know when you’ll be needing money. Careless spending on unnecessary items will not only give you financial issues but space issues as well. Research studies would prove that by earning your college degree, you also get better chances of improving your income level. With bachelor’s degree to put into your resume, you can explore better career opportunities and expect higher salary offers. Based on the report published by the US Commerce Department’s Census Bureau, college graduates can earn up to $2.1 million compared to those who only have high school diplomas whose average earnings is $1.2 million during their entire working life. Of course, these figures are only an estimated value. Some may earn higher or lower than this based on the position and industry they belong to. Still, the above mentioned report only goes to prove the high difference in the income level if you have a college degree. Other reports even say that the salary of college graduates is usually 60% to 70% more than those of high school graduates.