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How to increase Stash Size when Escape from Tarkov

BLOG_POSTED_BY Riva Tom     Mar 18    

Escape from Tarkov is a survival escape game, and survival is largely limited by inventory size. Therefore, how to increase inventory has become a goal of many players in the game. As long as you have enough innovative thinking and enough EFT Items, expanding Stash Size is achievable.

Increase the Stash Size concentration method:

1. Select the game version with a larger starting Stash Size

To increase your storage, consider purchasing a later version of the game to start or upgrade your account, paying the difference between your current version and the version you upgraded to.

    Standard Edition – Stash Level 1 – 10×28 stash space
    Left Behind Edition – Stash Level 2 – 10×38 stash space
    Prepare For Escape Edition – Stash Level 3 – 10×48 stash space
    Edge of Darkness Edition – Stash Level 4 – 10×68 stash space

2. Perform a stash upgrade via Hideout

Another way is to perform hideout upgrades. After a full upgrade, this option will allow you to get a larger storage size regardless of your game version.

The size of the hideout will depend on the level of the hideout. Players who play the limited edition game can get up to four levels of upgraded storage capacity.

3. Buy containers to increase Stash Size

Containers can offer the efficient possibility of EFT Roubles to increase your Stash Size, but it depends on erasure time and container price.

Many quest rewards offer premium containers that should be your focus. Here are some containers to consider based on reasonable space and cost:

    Ammo Case
    Lucky Scav Junk Box
    Magazine Case
    Meds Case

There are many different containers to choose from in Escape from Tarkov. The ones mentioned above are enough to store the main items you'll accumulate over time, including ammo, barter items, and medical items, without consuming too many Roubles.

4. Buy Rigs and BackPacks for extra storage

Optimize storage with rigs and backpacks, especially early in the game, before containers are obtained. This is a useful approach, as there are certain gear and backpacks that have an efficiency score above 1. This means they have more space inside than they take up.

The above methods are feasible and effective, but the actual operation is not so simple, because you not only need to provide your game level, but also need a lot of EFT Roubles so you need to find a reliable supplier to buy eft roubles quickly.

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