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The case is that in Diablo II: Resurrected

BLOG_POSTED_BY MMOgrfy MMOgrfy     Feb 25    

Gallerani claimed that it was a deliberate choice to Diablo 2 Resurrected Items remain a mystery. Diablo II: Resurrected would bring players back to how games were played in the past, or at least teach players who were not alive back in the year 2000, what they've missed. It's not common in the modern world of games to need an item to recognize another object.

The case is that in Diablo II: Resurrected, the player may not be aware of the statistics associated with the rare dagger until they discover the scroll of Identify and apply it manually onto the item. In the same way, during Diablo II's Beta stage, Vicarious Visions devs received messages from players who asked what they can't do with their bow or arrow. Do you have an arrow quiver? developers asked. They didn't, but players would answer to the question, but why should I bother? Aren't there endless Arrows? "Everything that happens in this game can be extremely real," says Gallerani.

The word used to describe this strategy of design can be described as "forced friction." The additional method of identification could be irritating however, it lets players experience the thrill of discovery. First, when they stumble upon a cool dagger, and again after they realize how powerful it really is.

Forced friction isn't the only reason for avoiding the systems that are frustrating. Dismantling certain mechanics--even the least popular ones can result in others falling Jenga-style. For instance, take "stamina."

Stamina is absolutely not an enjoyable game. It's not fun for players who are new. An entry-level Necromancer character isn't able to go through the cemetery for hours at an time. (After reaching, say, level 15, players must dump enough skill points into the "vitality score" or have enough equipment that their stamina bar isn't even worth it.) But d2r items for sale removing it will cause Diablo II: Resurrected into chaos.