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I'm aware of someone else who mentioned this

BLOG_POSTED_BY Best mengqin     Feb 15    
If you'll allow me to clarify, i will start by telling your friend how botting is against the rules and inform him that he could be banned. If he seems to OSRS Gold be unaware, then take action and report it.I'm aware of someone else who mentioned this, but i'm not sure who.

It was funny because when I was f2p I saw people rune tanking the spiders of level 50 on the 3rd level of the stronghold using bronze bows. This could be a good idea. I've also heard that players with extremely high range experience in f2p had in ice giants, at least part of their quest. Perhaps those are the ones that work as well.

Brilliant idea to tank with bronze bows.Really you can just use full green D'hide. I'm green with my coif and leather boots with an ammy-power. Do what you can to kill them. Bring your swords along so that you last longers. They're very very accurate. Even in full dharoks, or super set (with super def) With 71 def and an inv of sharks it's impossible to stay for more than 3 hours thr without banking.

If you go in f2p using green d'hide? U will not last for more than 10-20 mins. How do you figure I'd be destroyed by D'Hide? I was camping for a whole week at hogboblins and had one inventory of pizzas with anchovies.

There is a difference between spiders, and the h0bs. Spiders don't have safe areas.. Hobs are a bit sluggish atk.I was able to camp thr for Buy RS 3 Gold hours on end at 50 def.I had nothing with me with only the rune scim, rune kite, and the power ammy.