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Mens leather Shoes

BLOG_POSTED_BY smith noah     Jan 7    
The history of mens leather Shoes dates back thousands of years. Long before the rise of civilization, we humans were making stone and bone tools and weapons. We were also wearing animal skins and man-made textiles as protection from the elements and as a way to express our identity. As human civilization progressed, shoes, moccasins and boots were made from a variety of materials ranging from wood to stone. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, including mass manufacturing techniques came new techniques for creating shoes, with cemented and nailed soles replacing sewn-on leather uppers as the dominant manufacturing technique. In 1829 shoemaking was revolutionized when Charles Goodyear received a patent for vulcanized rubber soles. Since that era we have seen continual advancements in men's leather shoes design and style including changes in heel height, sole type and construction, with the shoe itself evolving from a working boot that covered the entire foot to today's shoe that is usually purchased for its appearance on top of a coarser man-made textile called "sock" or sock-like-material that is worn inside the shoe.

Mens leather shoes are the essence of style and elegance. These designer men's leather shoes with soft Italian lambskin leather will impress everyone. From the house of Marko T mixed our mens leather shoes collection through a combination of premium quality, comfort and out of the box designs, the cool Men's Shoes.

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