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What is the best way to operate the Obelisk?

BLOG_POSTED_BY Dragon born     November 15, 2021    

What is the best way to OSRS Gold operate the Obelisk? What kind of world is populated by such a large number of people that it would be more secure for me to control the obelisk with another taret? The entry point to the lavamaze is always filled with revs. Are there any other areas of rev that need to be avoided when going out?

With my "Soviet" account, I'm currently at level 70. My account has almost 70 str 56 attck and 40 def. It seems that melee appears to be more powerful than range. The Dark Bow looks great, and there are many cool tools you can do to improve your range like a hide, or even a backpack that grabs your steel arrows =]

My friend is in the 80 range and he claims he is able to hit 40s using the D bow. THAT IS A VERY HIGH HIIT IN MY OPPINION. I am at almost level 70 str, but I can only reach 16 rune scimmy... What should I do? Do I keep my account? What can I do to improve the value of my current account?

Your current account is an effort of love. You don't have to begin from scratch. You could simply learn range with your current character. You might also be interested in: Animal Magnetism (Quest), which provides you with the "backpack". Pest Control- Use your existing melee to fight and earn points for training ranged.

Go through the Quest Experience guide here on Sal's to Buy Old School RS Gold discover which quests give an excellent range of experience. When you're confident, attempt the Ardougne plague quests to gain a Crystal Bow.