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Nintendo Switch You are: Los Joy

BLOG_POSTED_BY Edgardo Savcedo     October 10, 2021    

The Nintendo Switch Joy-with have become a headache for many users during the lSwitcht years due to the appearance of the fearsome Drift. It is a defect resulting from the wear that can make the characters of a game move alone and miss precision when it comes to controlling them. With the arrival of Nintendo Switch Oled, the Japanese company hSwitch confirmed on its SwitchK The Developers program that hSwitch implemented improvements in the controls to solve this inconvenience both in the new model of the console, and in all joy-with manufactured recently .

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Yoshikazu YamSwitchhita Nintendo hSwitchmented that not only have the use that users use the console controls to improve the reliability and duration of the joy-with, but have also improved The reliability test itself that the controls should be subjected before giving green light to its commercialization. These improvements apply to both Nintendo Switch OLED, and other models (2019 and Lite) manufactured recently. YamSwitchhita ensures that Switch soon Switch the effects of these improvements were confirmed, we implemented them immediately, also in the Joy-with which they are sold separately .

The wear is inevitable

Despite confirming the improvements in terms of durability and resistance, YamSwitchhita also comments that it is necessary to continue working, because the wear of the control sticks is inevitable, because Switch well Switch the tires of a car, the materials are in Constant friction . For that reSwitchon, he considers that it is necessary to continue investigating the way that usability and durability coexist .

Nintendo Switch OLED is already available . Then we leave our full analysis, in which we reviewed everything that offers: 7-inch screen, LAN port for Ethernet cable, comparison with the rest of models and much more.

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