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Ever. All quest weapons have a special

BLOG_POSTED_BY Dragon born     Jun 23    

Ever. All quest weapons have a special. Hazeel's dragon weapon uses two strikes, the first hits anyone near you, the next hits the individual you are facing. The Twin Blades is a regular attack which increases your stats. Zemouregal's Sword special hits 5 times when used. The 5 strikes change in fashion (crush, slash, precise, controlled, etc.) but are weak. However, those are great weapons.

It's possible to use the feathers in the begining to OSRS Gold create Armadyl Gloves, which provide ranging stats and rely as Armadyl armor at the God Wars Dungeon. Also, in Meiyerditchthere are a couple of vyreguards and vyre lords. They provide better rewards than vyrewatches.

The races Glienor are an odd sort of folk, fortunately they fall into two chief categorys for our plucky adventurers, the good adn the evil. However two races stand out fro being exceptionaly sneaky and offhand, useing devious tatics for world domination... Mankind has done such a bad job looking after the world the flightless birds will grow and our materialistic cousins will produce mayhhem, this is International Warring!

Reldo will tell you of a massive build up of iceburgs floating round the high seas and hes concerned about why this is happening. He'll let you go and speak to Murphy to find out what he has observed from the sea and the Gnome King to see what he's seen from the sky.

He'll tell you he has had reports of his gliders being taken down out of the skies by snowballs all around the northern seas, where they are trying to establish a new base. Following being persuased to help you're flown in onto mysterious iceberg by a gnome pilot. You can land and watch some \"strange footprints\" throughout the iceburg, which also includes alot of snow sprinkled it over, try and shift the snow but it will be Cheap RS Gold too thick.