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Taurus Rising Sign

BLOG_POSTED_BY kalai selvan     March 5, 2021    

People with Taurus Rising are grounded and stable. They are responsible and loyal to their loved ones. They resist change and are wary of anything new. They can be very stubborn and set like stone in their ways. Security is very important thing to them, so they will never do anything to jeopardize it. Taurus Ascendant natives are careful and cautious. They love material comforts and are rather self-indulgent. Food and drink can be a weakness.They love nice clothes and jewelry. Physically, they are strong. Their fondness for food may lead to health problems. The throat is a weak area, and throat-related infections may also cause earaches.


In relationships, Taurus Rising is rather possessive, and they are not likely to end a relationship easily. Sometimes they regard their partners as personal property. But they are very loyal to their loved ones. Taurus Ascendant is very sensual. They believe in long-term relationships.

Taurus Rising people exude a soothing and comforting presence. They convey stability and inner peace. But they are also passive and long-suffering. It’s difficult to push a Taurus Rising person to do something. Coaxing is more effective. They are quite traditional in their attitudes. 

They are likely to have artistic talents or tastes. Many of them are artists or musicians. They have nice voices. Provided they have the resources, they wear designer clothes and own beautiful homes and luxury vehicles. Some Taurus Ascendant people can be shy, or rude, and even anti-social. 


Taurus Rising can be very opinionated, especially on matters they are familiar with. They are very patient and persevering when it comes to achieving their goals. 


Taurus Ascendant Man

Men with the Ascendant in Taurus are very calm and, at times, laconic. But when pushed beyond a limit, they are capable of exploding in anger and behave like a bull in a china shop. No wonder their symbol is the Bull. He is also very bull-headed, and it’s nearly impossible to change his mind about something. He is not a risk-taker. Practical, methodical, and systematic, he believes in a slow and steady approach to life. He is very sensual and runs the risk of becoming enslaved to his senses. Food, wine, and sex are his weaknesses. In love, he needs a partner who can keep up with his sexual appetites. At times, he can become lazy and indolent. Stability and security are important to him. Creating wealth and acquiring material comforts are his cherished goals. He can also be jealous and possessive of his partner.


Taurus Ascendant Woman

This woman is prudent and practical. Her aim is to create a cozy home. She has lots of patience and endurance. They give good support to their husbands and take good care of their families. They may take up some creative hobby. Some of them can be very artistic. Many professional singers have Taurus rising. She will be fond of beautiful clothes and jewelry. 


Taurus Ascendant Child

A Taurus Ascendant child is very consistent and persevering. They love nature and may have a passion for music. They are quite independent and good at observation. This child is a quiet sort and is not known for getting into fights or interfering in other people’s affairs. The child may be a little slow and laidback, but that is just their way of doing things. They may need their own room and some alone time, as they are not very talkative and sociable. 

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