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How to Score more Goals in Rocket League 2021

BLOG_POSTED_BY igvault rocketitems     February 25, 2021    

In Rocket League, how to do more targeted shots and score more goals? In this guide, we will give you some effective attack and shoot tips to help you get more wins and rank up fast in the new season! With our guide, you will learn how to score effectively and can rank up to top in the new season without spending money on any Rocket League Items .

Go For a Shot on Kickoff

Believe it or not, you have a good chance of getting the ball in the goal off a straight shot at the start of a match or a kick-off following a score. It's a matter of whether you can get to the ball first, and if you can put a good hit on it.

When approaching the ball, make sure you have a proper amount of boost. You should be able to run over a marker on your approach to acquire even more of it. Boost enables you to reach the ball quicker than other players, giving you the chance to get right under it.

Once you get to the ball – and we mean right when you're approaching it at high speed – hit the jump button. If you don't, it'll just scoot down the field and another player will run into it. However, with a jump, you can send it sailing into the air, and if it's flying at the right degree, it'll sail right into the goal.

The Perfect Shot

Many of you may have already stumbled on this fun little Rocket League factoid, but in case you haven’t, you may be pleased to know that the best time to score is right at the beginning of a round. This is when the game first starts, or after any team scores. The ball will be dropped in the middle and the teams will be organized into rotating formations. Most players will be rushing for the ball, but if you hit it just right, you will not only be the only person to touch it, but you will get a goal nearly every single time. Keep in mind that it’s best for the teammate closest to center (lined up with the opponents goal) to attempt the shot. Don’t try and steal anyone’s glory, you’ll get your turn.

What you wanna do is immediately boost (all players start with 34% boost). If you’re worried about running out of speed don’t, there are plenty of charging plates in your immediate vicinity. Make a beeline straight for the ball but let go of your turbo a second or two before actually reaching it. Once you make contact with the ball quickly tap jump to add some lift to your shot. When done right the ball will fly directly to the top of the goal. To ensure you get the point, continue straight but stop when you’re about midway to the goal. There is a chance, especially if you forgot to release turbo, that the ball with hit the wall directly over the goal. Just wait for it to bounce straight back to you and get your clear shot. The rest of the team should be running interference at this time to help this player out.

The Fast Break

Sometimes you need to take advantage of an opportunity when the field is wide open and it's just you and the goal. In this case, make sure you have some boost stored in your system. Without it, you can still get the ball down the field towards the goal, but there's a greater chance an opponent will catch up and knock you off course.

The first thing to watch out for is the chance. Usually you'll see it when a ball bounces off a wall, or when opponents end up battling each other while it careens out of nowhere. Get right behind the ball and use your boost to give it momentum down the field, but don't expect it to go all the way. Instead, use your boost to continue moving it down field to avoid drifting off course.

Also, if an opponent catches up to you, keep an eye open for your teammates. If you can't continue getting the ball into the goal, chances are you can pass it off to them and they'll finish the job. There's nothing wrong with getting an assist over a score.

The fast break is one of the better opportunities you'll have to score – don't let it pass you by.

Hanging Around the Goal

Finally, it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time. This includes battling for the ball and getting it to your side of the field, then finding that opportunity to simply jump up and bop it in.

This is why you want the ball camera option turned on. While it may distort your view of the entire field, it'll allow you to keep a close eye on the ball at all times, so you can see where it's going to end up. If you time it right, you can boost and with a stylish spin or bump, send the ball flying straight into the goal.

There will be times when you mean well and want to hit the ball, but then sail right past it, even if you have good timing in the world. Get used to how your car handles and what kind of momentum you can deliver on your shots. Then wait for the opportunities while defending the ball from going to the other goal.

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