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How to Make Your Assignment Grammatically Correct?

BLOG_POSTED_BY Geller Bing     November 6, 2020    

Are you looking for legit essay writing service? Despite teachers emphasizing so much on grammar and punctuation, students still make so many mistakes that it hugely impacts the grade. Even if a student knows how to form sentences grammatically correct, they make numerous such mistakes. Paying a little more attention to grammar will help you write a perfect Assignment. Let us discuss what are those details you should pay attention to.


Use of a Run-on Sentence

A run-on sentence is formed when two independent clauses are joined with the help of a sentence without using punctuation or a conjunction. When a comma is used to connect two clauses that do not have any conjunction is known as a comma splice. A run-on sentence is similar to the comma splice.



The cheap essay writing service run-on sentences or comma splice can be fixed using the following techniques.

The clauses can be separated into two sentences. Instead of using a coma, use a semicolon for a better sentence structure. In some sentences, the coma can be replaced and coordinating conjunction such as ‘and’, ‘for’, ‘but’, ‘yet’, ‘so’, ‘or’ and ‘nor’ can be used. Sometimes, another conjunction known as subordinating conjunctions can also be used. Subordinating conjunctions are ‘after’, ‘before’, ‘although’, ‘as’, ‘because’, ‘until’, ‘since’, ‘while’, ‘when’, ‘if though’, ‘even though’. Transitional words are another technique that can be used instead of a comma. These words are ‘however’, ‘on the other hand’, ‘instead’, ‘therefore’, ‘also’, ‘moreover’, ‘as a result’, ‘consequently’, ‘nevertheless’, ‘otherwise’.

Pronoun Errors

Using pronouns can be a little bit tricky. Usually, an error occurs when the numbers which refer to some certain noun disagree with the pronouns used in the sentence. If we are using a singular noun, the pronoun should always be kept singular. Similarly, a plural pronoun is used in case of using a plural noun.

Pronoun error is getting so common that it is considered normal practice. If I had to write my Assignment, then I would specifically look for pronoun errors to make a perfect Assignment. Usually, people make pronoun errors when they do not want to use sexist language or any phrasing that can have some awkward meaning. Normally, research paper topics error is ignored due to such reasons and is considered correct if the writer is using an informal way of speaking. However, one should try to avoid using such grammatical errors and use proper formal writing. 

Incorrect use of Apostrophe

The apostrophe is used by a subject to show its connectivity to a specific noun. If a possessive pronoun is used, an apostrophe should not be used. Possessive pronouns can be his, hers, ours, mine, our, their, its, and theirs. Sometimes, the uses of apostrophes can be confused. The use of an apostrophe in “it’s” is used as the short form of it is. 


Lack of Verb and Subject
It is a must to include verbs and subjects that have the same number (singular or plural) in a sentence while using the present tense. The error occurs when the number of subjects is different from the number of verbs. You should be careful that a singular subject must be used for a singular verb while a plural subject should be sued with a plural verb. 


Misplacement of Modifiers
Sometimes, using modifiers can create confusion if they are placed at the wrong place in the words counter for essays. They might depict some other meaning of the sentence. One should be keen on the placement of modifiers to clearly describe the ideas. A modifier should be placed next to the word which is needed to be modified. The specific word should be clearly referred to by the modifier used. 
Now you know all about the grammatical errors of the Assignment. Make sure as you proofread, you look for these mistakes in your Assignment and correct them. 


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