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Develop an Argumentative Research Methodology

BLOG_POSTED_BY Geller Bing     November 6, 2020    

Are you going to write my essay research methodology for the first time? Do you want to know the basics of argumentative research methodology writing? If yes, then this blog is for you. We have added the basics of argumentative research methodology writing for beginners. You can learn lots of important things from a single blog. Following are the points that will guide you about how to write a complete argumentative research methodology.


Main Idea about Topic

Students often don’t care about the topic and select a random one. Do not make this mistake and choose your topic carefully. This is important because you have to discuss different aspects of a single topic to complete your research methodology. After choosing the topic, obtain ideas about it and create an argument. While making claims there are various things that you should know about the topic including:

  • How crucial it is
  • Reason for the claim
  • Whether the claim is right or not
  • Recommendation and outcome of claim



After getting an idea about the above elements, the paper writing service can work on your claim to generate a powerful argument. The whole research methodology should reflect the base argument for efficiency. When I was a student and had to write my research methodology, I always used to spend time on an interesting topic. This not only made work easy but impressed the reader, especially teachers.


Thesis Statement

It comes in the introductory section. It explains the claim, main point, purpose, and possible outcome of the research methodology in just two or three sentences. The thesis statement should not be lengthy and it should be placed only at the end of the research methodology's first paragraph. There are various ways to develop a thesis statement:

  • Question/Answer format
  • Refute Objections
  • Roadmap

You can use either but a thesis statement should be precise and concise.


Outline is Crucial

After writing your thesis statement it’s time to collect all the relevant information so that you can start writing your research methodology. This is the point where students make mistakes as they get confused regarding how to cater to the information in a systematic and logical manner. For this purpose, the best tip is to create an outline for your research methodology.


The outline is a short version of an research methodology; that means that all the important points are entered under an appropriate number of headings and the essay writer needs to provide explanations in these points to develop an excellent research methodology. You can make an outline in two ways including:

  • A topic outline in which you add bullet points and a few words to highlight all the important elements related to the topic
  • A sentence outline in which you need to add sentences after making multiple headings 

These sentences help you to understand which information has to be added at which point in the research methodology.

You can choose either of the two ways but the main purpose of the outline should be fulfilled. It means that all the information that you have collected for your research methodology should be added in the outline in a logical manner. After completing this task, your final step starts.


Start Writing Systematically

Yes, you can start writing your pay for essay research methodology now but make sure you follow the basic structure of the research methodology. There are three parts of any research methodology, including intro, body, and the conclusion section. Always follow this format and make an outline based on this structure.

Start writing your introductory paragraphs and insert your thesis statement at the end of the first introductory paragraph. Besides that, all of the other evidence, examples, and explanations fall under the body section. This section helps you to prove your argument and the purpose of your research methodology. In the end you need to write a concluding paragraph which contains a summary of the research methodology along with a rewriting of the thesis statement before adding closing lines for the research methodology. 


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