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    • Last updated September 9, 2020
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Best Network Certificates for Network Administrators

BLOG_POSTED_BY lakshitha pandiri     September 9, 2020    

What are the best network certifications that any network administrator should consider obtaining? Certifications are an abundant way for IT professionals to showcase their expertise in a specific field or to show their qualifications. For those persons in the networking market, some certifications demonstrate experience building, operative, and maintaining setups of all shapes plus sizes - including physical and virtual networks. Obtaining these certifications shows managers that you are valuable in networking skills and understand how a business network should work and also they get good packages with network certification jobs.


Which network certifications are best to pursue? What demonstrates the right knowledge of how to successfully work with quality enterprise computing networks? Also, what information will you need to get each certification? Listed below are the best network certifications that network administrators, network engineers, and IT professionals have.


CompTIA + Network

For novice network professionals, CompTIA Network + certification shows basic knowledge of network concepts, network security, network operations, and troubleshooting. Achieving this certification shows knowledge in network design and implementation, common network device management installation, and common troubleshooting. The certification is designed for network professionals from early to mid-level positions, from junior network engineers to long-term network analysts. It is also recommended for non-network professions such as technicians, system engineers and information systems consultants.


Cisco CCNA and CCNP

Cisco offers two levels of certification for certified network employees - Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Both exams demonstrate the ability to work with Cisco network solutions, as well as knowledge of network fundamentals, access management, and security practices. CCNA documentation is designed for lower-level professionals with at least one year of experience in Cisco solutions and a simple understanding of IP addressing and network operation. CCNP certification is recommended to those with three or five years of experience in enterprise network solutions.


Cisco CCIE and CCIE Enterprise Wireless Corporate Infrastructure

Another set of certifications offered by Cisco is the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification group. These certifications show experience in creating and operating complex network technologies that coordinate with other techniques in the business. Two of the certifications in this group that network specialists should consider are Enterprise Infrastructure and Enterprise Wireless courses. Enterprise Infrastructure certification covers networks and infrastructure, while Enterprise Wireless certification demonstrates knowledge of wireless technologies.


SolarWinds Certified Professional

SolarWinds is an IT solution provider that offers multiple network tools, including a network performance monitoring solution. I am one of the most popular network solution providers, and companies of all sizes usually implement their software. SolarWinds also offers SolarWinds-certified professional certification that demonstrates proficiency in using and maintaining SolarWinds system and network management products. This certification is particularly essential for any business and employees who operate SolarWinds as a vital technology in their infrastructure.

Wireshark WCNA

The Wireshark WCNA certification stood created by Laura Chappell and is run by Kryterion. The accreditation indicates not only knowledge of Wireshark operating technology, but also education and competence in areas such as TCP / IP communications, troubleshooting, and network security. Certification services from over 90 different countries around the world and, of course, deserve to be earned by both Wireshark's operating technologies and administrators and engineers of any skill level.