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Path Of Exile Guide: Which is the best class?

BLOG_POSTED_BY cc cc9090     May 15, 2020    
When starting "Path Of Exile", players need to choose a class. There are six class to choose from, and you can unlock another class during the campaign. You can hang spells, shoot arrows or hit a zombie's head like any class, but some classes are better than others in one aspect. Knowing which of the three game styles you want to be good at will help you choose a course. No matter in which course, POE currency can greatly help players successfully pass through customs, and most players will choose to Buy POE Orbs on IGGM, the transaction process is convenient, and the price is favorable.

The following is a classification of one or more statistics that each category is good at:
Duel: specializing in swords or axes. Mix agile and power   attacks to avoid damage and critical hits.
Marauder: It is difficult to be killed and will cause   heavy damage to weapons like mace.
Ranger: The Ranger hurt her everything with a bow and   arrow, and attacked quickly from a safe distance.
Shadow: Shadow uses daggers or claws to fight weapons or   magical abilities.
Templar: Templars use large sticks to swing enemies or use   spells to attack enemies.
Witches: Witches fight with wands or scepters. She caused   high spell damage through a fatal attack.

After completing the campaign and rescue Scion,enter the seventh lesson on Path Of Exile.
Scion: Scion statistics are completely even, and she   starts in the middle of the passive skill tree. But because of her uniform statistics, it is difficult for her to take classes. In addition to statistical data, your course choice also determines your starting point on the difficult passive skill tree.

After the third act, players can unlock the opportunity to enter the maze, which is a random dungeon that can unlock advanced courses and enter professional abilities.

Which category is the easiest to play?
The basic statistics of the class determine their ease of use on Path Of Exile, not the ability they use. Rangers and witches are safe occupations, and their starting data can help you cause a lot of damage from a distance. They are good courses, but only if you have full confidence in the ability of the kite enemies (constantly move and pause to attack). Although it is relatively easier, it is still difficult for novices. At this time, players can still log in to IGGM, buy Path of Exile Currency, POE Orbs and other items to strengthen their own strength and make customs clearance smoother.