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POE 2: Technical characteristics of the engine

BLOG_POSTED_BY cc cc9090     May 11, 2020    
Thilo Bayer announced the surprising Path of Exile 2 from the developer of Grinding Gear Games from 6:41 PM on 04/17/2020 to mid-November 2019. As we all know, Path of Exile is a seven-year-old game, and POE Currency has always played a vital role in the game, and obtaining POE Currency in the game requires a lot of time and energy, and players You can choose to Buy POE Currency on IGGM, which is affordable and safe. However, with the merger of the two champions, the game engine should also be fundamentally improved. We have sorted out some technical details that players expect.

Sannikov said that because you have to support a variety of systems-from consoles to various powerful PCs, the path of exile graphics development always focuses on performance. The "stacking" of Path of Exile skills has led to an epic expansion. Finally, "the screen is full of what you just submitted."
Although there are disadvantages and you cannot simply convert the forward rendering pipeline to a deferred pipeline, you still want to switch the entire engine to PBR, which is based on physical rendering. But Sannikov announced a truly unique technology created for Path of Exile that you may not find it in any other games or anywhere else. He is particularly proud of the spotlight shadow algorithm, which is very complex, but can be calculated very efficiently and looks good at the same time.

Excellent game developers are also proud of the efficient global lighting (GI) inside the screen area. Due to the dynamic nature of the game, Path of Exile 2 also requires this technology and cannot rely on baking or RTX. The dynamic level generation system does not allow the interaction between level tiles to be calculated in advance. The entire algorithm and the shadow of the point light are completely processed by the GPU, which is very important for Path of Exile, because the main processor is busy calculating games. The other topics in the really interesting video are ray casting, refraction, and water plant calculations.

However, according to the website's data, the release date of Path of Exile 2 has not yet been determined, but beta is unlikely to start before the end of 2020. Nevertheless, the popularity of the old version is still very high, players can buy props such as POE Currency on to help themselves through customs.