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The latest news about Path of Exile 2

BLOG_POSTED_BY Cadence alida     January 21, 2020    
A few months ago, the release of Path of Exile 2 was announced at the ExileCon conference. Grinding Gear Games makes it clear that this will not be a separate game, but a new indie game. GGG is expected to release Path of Exile 2 in 2021. There is still a period to complete. In the second half of this year, GGG will release a beta test version. Learn more about the latest information about the Path of Exile, Buy POE Currency at a discounted price, everything is in, your assistant to the Path of Exile.

"Path of Exile 2" will usher in a new batch of enemies, from one stroke to one stroke group to a stubborn leader. GGG admits that some of their old bosses feel outdated in the game demo, and they are trying to give some new low-end bosses more skills to improve their performance. This will bring further challenges to players, and let more creepy characters appear to whom, of course, we have nightmares. We've seen two of these bosses during the demonstrations, and the battle now looks more advanced than our campaign.

As far as we know, the lessons in Path of Exile will remain the same, but they will feel brand new because of the upcoming gem overhaul. Given that GGG will revolutionize the way players equip and manage their skills, we will see all courses gain new abilities and foundations. Another exciting reason is that now the class has gained Shapeshifting, a new mechanism requested by the community, which will be carefully implemented in the new game.

Path of Exile 2 allows players to easily become a beast. GGG says that the shape change is made immediately when the button is pressed, and the player will turn on and off when the conditions are met. For each "shape", the selected skill set must fit a series of actions in the game. The latest update on the current path of exile to build monsters can allow players to adapt to such changes in advance. If you feel the pressure in the new update, you may wish to Buy Path of Exile Currency to improve your strength, which will help you better experience the game.

The original game is not complete. For the rest of the time, the team will continue to grow with their respective ligaments until the sequel is released. Metamorph League has now started, so go to your favorite platform and "create monsters".