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    • Last updated October 17, 2018
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Decent Sharp Eyes from Maplestory M Hidden Potential

BLOG_POSTED_BY Mill Neo     October 17, 2018    
An issue when a "Please try again later" message would sometimes appear when Fame could not be raised or lowered will likely be fixed. An issue in which the Lucent Gauntlet was presented with from the Dragon Rider's Thief Box are going to be fixed. The Scarlet Ring can be Untradeable Once Maplestory M Equipped along with a Unique Equipped Item. An issue where some classes received an incorrect version of Decent Sharp Eyes from Hidden Potential are going to be fixed. The skill now gives Maplestory M Critical Damage 8% to stay in line with classes. An issue where Gollux and Alien set items weren't showing each of the pieces to the set effect tooltip will probably be fixed. An issue where resetting AP for Xenon hasn't been functioning properly for MP when Xenon equiped an item that increased INT is going to be fixed. Xenon's AP, HP, Maplestory M MP will likely be reset. Due to Xenon characters the inability properly reset their AP, we will probably be offering compensation Buy MS M Mesos this issue. We will likely be giving MaplePoints for AP Reset Scrolls purchased relating to the Maplestory M date range of February 27, 2017 and February 28, 2018. This will probably be giving out within a future maintenance even as pull their email list. Fixed a blunder so Venom Burst skill will no longer applies poison on enemies that can't be attacked. Fixed one with Final Damage for the Maplestory M Advance Combo skill not matching the tooltip when working with Combat orders. Fixed one with the Sacrosanctity Maplestory M skill effect being visible even with the skill was finished. Fixed a mistake with Evil Eye not activating when used concurrently as a portal.