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    • Last updated October 12, 2018
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Maplestory M inside the Pitter-Pat Chair

BLOG_POSTED_BY Mill Neo     October 12, 2018    
Stay green together with the Flower Field Chair, Forest Sanctuary Chair, Maple World Chair and Carrot Chair! Enjoy the delightful softness while using Blue Sky Illusions Chair, Blooming Angel Chair, Royal Azalea Chair, and Cozy Triple Sheep Chair. Be fancy, be sweet, or why not be #1 through a seat inside Pitter-Pat Chair, Mochi Mouse Chair, Rainy Fox Chair, or Monster Box Chair. Grab a chair large enough to live in while using Kitty's Paper House, Rosy Birdcage, and Chicken Dream Chair. And fill things out with all the Comic Book Lounger, Kitten Basket Chair, Chick Keeper Chair, and Pimp Chair. The new mounts include a lot of big methods for getting around Maple World in vogue, as well as these mounts can be purchased as Maplestory M permanent versions. Get your hands on the Maplestory Mobile Mesos Festival Train Mount, Dragonoir Mount, and Chestnut Mount! Grab your car or truck of choice with all the Pink Bean Balloon Mount, Vroom Vroom Maplestory M Mushroom Mount, Vroom Vroom Pink Bean Mount, and Black Bean Balloon Mount. Or select the Skateboard Mount, Shaken Wooden Horse Mount, Friend Mount, and Unicorn Mount! Gachapon Ticket Price (1): 1,000 NX Price (11): 10,000 NX Duration: 90 days Remote Gachapon Ticket Price (1): 1,050 NX Price (11): 10,500 NX Duration: 90 days