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    • Last updated September 6, 2018
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MMO Culture: The elephant wedding is bursting in Maplestory

BLOG_POSTED_BY Mill Neo     September 6, 2018    
The two largest online gaming giants in South Korea NCSoft and Nexon are divorcing. Korea is one of the 5 largest game Maplestory markets in the world. They ranked behind USA, China and Japan, but ahead of Germany on rank 4. And there was a strange situation: The two giants in online gaming, Nexon and Maplestory, have Maplestory M Mesos formed a kind of alliance. Nexon acquired many shares in Maplestory in 2012. The reason was the arrival of "western companies" in the country, such as Riot (Lol) or Blizzard (WoW), who were gaining market share. Nexon's plan was to turn Maplestory's existing strong brands into lucrative games abroad with Free2Play models. However, the cooperation has led to public conflicts in early 2015. Nexon found the direction NCSoft took was not particularly profitable. It started a power Maplestory dispute. Maplestory bosses were subliminally showing nepotism, and too little was about return. Nexon wanted more say. Maplestory forbade this, in turn initiated action to counteract a hostile takeover. After the public outrage about this power dispute has blown a bit, Nexon has Cheap Maplestory M Mesos now sold all the shares held in Maplestory, grudgingly on the grounds that it had not created the hoped-for synergies. The whole story has always been spicy by the fact that the masterminds of the two companies were probably close friends in their school days. The tone in which Nexon spoke publicly about NCSoft and the cooperation was icy. The larger of the two elephants, Nexon, is known for games like MapleStory, Vindictus or Atlantica Online and plays little role here in the West. Maplestoryt, on the other hand, has Maplestory 2, WildStar, Blade and Soul and Aion titles in the house that we know here in the West. However, the big money-maker in Korea is the elderly Lineage.