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    • Last updated August 23, 2018
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In praise of Fortnite’s Playground mode

BLOG_POSTED_BY Mill Neo     August 23, 2018    
The “rules” to the Playground mode in Fortnite are really quite simple: You can mention to three friends in to the map, resources are enhanced so that you can amass materials to construct very quickly and friendly fire is certainly on. “I use a rocket launcher because I don’t want that you shoot at me,” each of Fortnite Items our Ross Miller said within a recent session. “And shit, now I understand why countries have nukes.” No one shot at him, no less than for a while. We all learned an important lesson about mutually assured destruction on that day. It looks like it would get boring, as being a game mode, but we had been facing the hour time period before we knew it. We build ramps on the sky, and connected them. We raced in Fortnite Skins shopping carts, and practiced sniping 1 another. I built a tree house and announced that no Jeff Ramos’ (Polygon’s engagement editor) were allowed in, and Ramos blew up the many supports until I fell to my death. It was a great time. Fortnite’s building options, helpful items and traps turned us into scientists. Could we put bounce pads on the ground then jump onto them through the game’s height limit? The answer: Some of us could! Those who didn’t aim very well hit the soil with a splat and also a splash of extremely colorful weapons and items. We cannibalized our very own supply of equipment frequently, sometimes shooting one another in the head in the event the other person had something we wanted and weren’t deploying it. You jump right back to the map if you've found yourself killed or fall for a death. The stakes are low. And it’s remarkably fun. You build together, you explore the map without worrying about hostiles, therefore you get to take a look at different weapons and interactions between items and players. All those times you wondered what can happen when someone did something with the item is now able to answered — if you've got the time and are going to hunt to the right equipment. The proliferation of llamas across the map with this mode was very helpful in this particular regard.